Car Lift (cabin version) installed in Switzerland


Developed for a private residence in Switzerland, the installation consists of an enclosed car lift which makes it possible to reach the two-level garage in the basement and sub-basement. Indeed, the lift travel is long more than 6 meters. To minimize visual and environmental impact, and considering the typical weather conditions in this mountain location, it was advisable to limit the height reached by the structure during its lift stroke. Accordingly, the system was designed so that the paved canopy roof is detached from the lift as it is lowered, and then re-attached during the upstroke, enabling the platform to reach the two underground parking levels and limiting the roof’s above-grade stroke to around two meters.

This special lift has been projected in order to solve an arduous problem: not only it was impossible to build the ramp. Not only, for the weather condition during the installation. It was also projected a special roof, in order to make not possible th snow stash.

As envisaged by Swiss regulations, the lift can be used with the driver in the car. It is equipped with all necessary safety systems, which are certified by a leading Swiss consulting firm.

Using this link, it’s easily possible to watch the car lift installations done by CARMEC.