Car lift with turntable


Space restrictions and zero possibilities to build the access ramp. CARMEC car lift has been considered the only one solution possible.

Indeed, just a car lift could be used to serve these five garages around three sides of the basement into an historic building. Access is provided by the same car lift (MC-1P) equipped with a turntable (PR) inside which positions the car so that it can be driven into the correct garage. To be more clear: this car lift has equipped with a turntable system inside. We may consider it as a semi-automatic system.

The car lift has to be considered personalized. Indeed,  three doors installed on the car lift and five doors, one for each garage, in the basement are provided. A sophisticated electronic control system of the car lift recognizes the user and automatically opens all doors needed to access the user’s own garage.

The owners routine is easy: just to insert the car on the car lift platform. Going downstairs, the car will be found in the correct position on the car lift in order to be parked into the personal garage.