Car elevators and Special Systems Installed

Car elevators are just one product contained in the whole product range. Indeed, we design and manufacture mechanized parking systems in order to solve the parking’s problem.

From the car elevators to normal parking stackers, CARMEC special systems are produced to solve specific parking situation with a pinch of brilliance and aesthetic’s taste.

Here you can find, further information and examples about CARMEC’s philosophy.

  1. Luxury Car Elevators : the importance for the lux, the design and the aesthetic for CARMEC.
  2. Long Travel height : one of our several projects with long travel height.
  3. Truck Elevators : we design and produce elevators for every charge and dimensions.

Not only:

  1. specific products for car’s entrance… ;
  2. turntables platforms for cars: fashion systems entirely designed by CARMEC.
  3. double parkers without the awkward columns;
  4. tailormade underground garage lifts in order to store your cars!

Why use CARMEC car elevators?

  1. Space constrictions trat make impossible to build conventional garages and parking areas;
  2. Congested city streets where parking spaces are few and far between;
  3. Last but not least, Architectural and zoning constraints to protect historic city centers and green areas.