Car Lifts and Personalized Systems Installed

CARMEC personalized systems are car lifts with two important streght point highlighted :

  • tailormade design and production;
  • attention to details/ attention for the client ad general contractors.

Listed below, further information about CARMEC mentality and work philosophy.

  1. Tailor-made Car Lifts : the attention to details is crucially important for CARMEC which focus itself on the project. The goal is to give the perfect product for the specific situation.
  2. Innovative Car Lifts : using the experience acquired, CARMEC combines different product of his range to solve every problem of parking manoeuvres.
  3. International Car Lifts: an example of car lifts installed abroad.
  4. Car lifts with with two levels: several locations possible, in this case a private garden.
  5. Car lifts for hotels :several location possible, private and public stores. In this case, into an hotel and resort.
  6. Bespoke technical solution for car lifts : CARMEC designs specific products in order to solve various parking problems.

Why use CARMEC car elevators?

  1. Space constrictions trat make impossible to build conventional garages and parking areas;
  2. Congested city streets where parking spaces are few and far between;
  3. Last but not least, Architectural and zoning constraints to protect historic city centers and green areas.