Car Lifts and Products

We offer solutions for any parking need, and all our models can be customized. Our design service will optimize parking systems to make the best use of the space available on the customer’s premises at no extra charge. Our product range includes: underground garage lifts, car lifts, car stackers, movement systems and special parking systems, as well as accessories such as special security doors, REI rated fire doors, gates and popup safety barriers.

Underground garage lifts

Underground garage lifts

To make the most of indoor and outdoor space by parking cars on different levels while ensuring that each can be moved independently, we supply a range of Underground Garage Lifts.

Car  Lifts

Floor to floor car lifts

Transporting cars to levels above or below the entrance area, and being able to drive them out of the garage: our car elevators for indoor installation and our  car lifts can be adapted for any needs.

Car stackers

Car stackersIf you have a high-ceilinged garage and want to make the best use of available space by parking two cars in the same footprint, our series of car stackers may be the fast, economical solution you’re looking for.

Movement Systems

Movement SystemsParking the car even in the most difficult situations with minimum effort, making the most of available space: our turntables and sliders make it possible.

Doors and Gates

Doors and GatesFor “turnkey” installations, our systems can be supplied complete with any required accessories, including gates, popup safety barriers, REI rated motorized fire doors, and sectional garage doors.