Car lifts

Wherever a car needs to be moved, whatever its type and whatever its size or weight, CARMEC car lifts can be the best solution.

Our car lifts can be installed inside buildings or outdoors, to reach below-grade areas, upper floors or terraces. Often, maximum safety can be achieved by transforming the moving section of the car lifts into an enclosure equipped with moveable  panels on one or two sides for access, and fixed protective walls on the remaining sides. Our enclosed-platform models of car lifts are offered as the MC Series. The enclosure can feature the materials and type of structure that are most appropriate for the architectural setting.



  • Our car lifts are ideal where an access ramp cannot be constructed: for a basement garage, for example, CARMEC car lifts occupy only 15 square meters, as opposed to the 60 to 70 square meters typically needed for a ramp. In addition, the grade-level area remains clear and can be put to other uses.
  • Particularly suitable for historic city centers and residential units with few parking spaces, as our car lifts are readily integrated in rebuilding and remodeling projects.
  • The car lifts’ dimensions can be adapted to available space, and to non-rectangular areas.
  • Our car lifts can be installed in enclosed areas or outdoors (MP models).