Car Elevators (Indoor/Outdoor Platforms)


MP car elevators (elevating platforms)  are designed to move a car from grade level to a parking area located underground or on an upper floor, and are thus an ideal alternative to an access ramp in cases where a ramp cannot be constructed because of space limitations or architectural and zoning restrictions.

CARMEC’s  platforms can be installed inside buildings or outdoors, and are equipped with popup safety barriers which raise when the platform is lowered and then retract so that they are completely concealed when car elevators are at rest.

  • Car elevators stroke established on the basis of available space
  • Effective capacity 2,500 kg per car – Higher capacities available on request
  • Four-cylinder hydraulic lift system with rack-type balancing, located away from car door opening area
  • Mechanical safety locking at each level
  • Automated operation in full compliance with applicable regulations
  • Popup safety barriers
  • Turnkey supply includes garage doors, which are also available in automatic versions

It is possible to watch Car Elevators CARMEC installations easily following the link.