Exclusive Car elevator with popup safety barrier


One of the most important car elevator installed ever. This car elevator is a mix of elegance, attention to details, hard-work and passion.

The customer needed to create eight parking spaces in the basement of a house. We decided to install an exclusive car elevator( plattform model) with popup safety barrier directly in the living-room of the house. The car elevator mechanism is easy: the car is driven onto the car elevator platform, which is lowered at the ground floor to bring the car to the basement. Before the car elevator platform begins its downstroke, the safety barrier is raised.

CARMEC project has not finished yet: not only the car elevator results critically important but the other parkers installed into the basement as well.

Indeed, the CARMEC turntable in the basement facilitates parking manoeuvers. Yet, two underground garage lift systems ( a double car lift that make cars invisible)  create the possibility to park two vehicles at level -2.

This represents one of the most eye-catching projects in which the concept of tailormade car lift extraordinarily comes out.