Five-stop car elevator with transverse slider


If we had to coin a name for this car elevator, surely it would be ‘car elevator with lateral tailormade slider’. This solution represents a sort of artisan automated parking system.

Indeed, this CARMEC car elevator transports cars from the ground floor to the sub-basement where a transverse slider moves them sideways by five meters.

The car lift’s slider positions them in front of the parking area’s entrance so that they can be parked in the garage. This car elevator is composed by: the car elevator platform to park cars during the upstroke; still, a slider that make easier the lateral handling.

The basement and the second and third sub-basement levels are served by the platform for goods transport only. This car elevator is ‘without driver’ version.

Moreover, it’s important to underline his travel’s lenght: more than 13 metres. In order to design this car elevator, the technical details have been crucial.

This car elevator installed in Rome shows better how the custom designed system is not only for architectural requests but it’s primarily important to solve the most difficult parking situations.