Hotel car lift


An external car lift was constructed to reach the rooftop parking lot of a hotel on Lake Como. The specifical request from this car lift was to create the parking area directly on the top of the hotel.

A particular detail is that the car lift was designed in such a way to use an already existing shaft. The car lift is designed to support the hotel’s fire escape. Therefore, this bespoke car lift is developed with a car elevator which transport the cars into the parking area; yet, the car lift leads into the elevator shaft which supports the fire escape stairs. To sum up: car lift platform into an existing shaft elevator which hold up the external stairs. Lastly, the car lift travel is around 12 metres.

This project has been possible with the strictly tied collaboration between CARMEC, architects and the local construction company. As other systems explained, this bespoke car lift with elevating platform effectively shows that the collaboration among the companies was totally focused on the client needs. Systems as this one represent an other typical example of tailormade solutions, designed on the space available and the possible suitable solutions at disposal.