Three-post car lift


CARMEC produced this three-post car lift in Parma (Italy) in order to solve a specific technical problem. This three-post car lift represents one of the first version installed by Carmec.

Indeed, to make the most of the available space in this two-level garage, a three-post car lift was installed, whose entire platform can be used for parking manoeuvers. Doing this, Carmec has been able to give to the final client a more suitable version with the same safety conditions (the three-post car lift is designed following the same safety conditions as the normal four-post car lift). Three-post car lift represents a tailormade solution for narrow parking areas in which is critically important to be able using every single centimetre available.

This idea came out for the space restrictions that make it impossible to build the conventional acces ramp. As showed, being an internal three-post car lift, it was not necessary to pave it.

This three-post car lift represents an extremely personalized version. In fact, CARMEC produces bespoke and tailormade solutions in order to solve this kind of specific problems.