Tilting ramp platform for accessing basement from street level


As a comics’ book situation, CARMEC has solved the entrance problem of this garage installing a bespoke ramp platform. In fact, the original project of this ramp platform was more than similar to the best futuristic systems ever designed.

Indeed, the tilting ramp has been positioned to allow cars to be driven into or out of basement. The project entirely done by CARMEC has created the only one way to reach the parking lots area.

The tilting ramp platform enables cars to be driven from street level into the basement, a height difference of around 1.2 meters. The tilting ramp platform system is totally incorporated to the architectural decorations.

The ramp platform results absolutely concealed, flushing with the courtyard. The tilting ramp platform is thus perfectly integrated with the elegant setting. Moreover, for the same reason, the client decided for a paved ramp platform.

The ramp platform results one of the most typical solutions that shows how CARMEC produces bespoke and tailormade systems.

Last but not least, the ramp platform obviously follows the CE normatives resulting safe and easy-to-use.