Fashion turntables into a show-room in Turin


Talking about turntables’ design, CARMEC usually receives two different kinds of request:

  1. First of all, the turntables enable the car to be oriented in the most convenient position for parking, making it easier for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle.
  2. Still, there is another field of requests: once the costumer asked us to add a value to the personal show-room or tailor-made garage. This kind of request is particularly in agreement with CARMEC philosophy because of the predisposition for the bespoke creation. It means, the product has to be not only efficient but ‘aesthetically beauty’ as well.

Hereby, it’s going to be showed  an example for this last concept.

CARMEC installed two turntables into an important show-room for a well-known Turin brand design. They have been located in the main Hall Entrance, Photographers’ Area. Once cars are on the turntables, the turntables start to turn in order to show every single detail to the photographer. Made to measure, they are actuated electronically and can be stopped in any position. The movement is fast and harmonic, the cars cannot be touched. Meanwhile, the technicians can continue working without any annoying loud and important meetings can continue without be interrupted.

In this case, CARMEC turntables are rubberized with a special resin. This, to minimize visual and environmental impact and in order to guarantee an harmonic garage. The cover is always suggested by the client with CARMEC suggestion and supervision. Turntables can be adapted to garages for any size and shape. Mirrors, lateral lights show make the result brilliant and unique.

CARMEC philosophy is strictly tied with these values: not only parking systems, but innovative and tailormade parking solutions.