Two-level car lift in a private garden


What is better than your car lift without touching the surrounded context?

The history of this personalized system installed in Milan (Italy) shows the possibility to create parking areas in space restrinctions situations as well. The customer needed to be able to access two-level car lift with three parking spaces on each level. The car lift entrance area was to be located in the garden of a private house, near the entry stairs, and thus had to be designed to minimize visual impact and guarantee safe conditions. The attention to details has allowed the final result, in which a normal garden actually is a the roof of a car lift.

We decided to install our car lift model MC-2P, with a top canopy covered with turf; still, a two-level double platform for transporting cars to the underground garage. The car lift features a protective polycarbonate enclosure, equipped with two automated doors giving access to the parking spaces located on both sides.

This car lift shows well how is possible to create parking lots into a lower basement in a normal house, without to build the ramp access.