Underground car lift for an apartment building


The project aim was to create a parking area with many CARMEC systems: indeed it means we installed the underground garage lifts  and car lift beneath an internal courtyard of a historic building in the center of Turin. The car lift installation was just a part of an extensive remodeling initiative. Indeed, the car lift has the function to trasport the cars while the garage’s capacity was doubled by installing type AS-1 and AS-1D underground garage lift systems.

The need to blend in with the surroundings, the limited space available in the courtyard, and the depth at which the car lift was located all made it impossible to install an access ramp. The space constrictions took care of the rest inspiring an installaton of mechanized systems.

Our car lift (MC-1P), featuring a paved canopy platform, made it possible to enter and exit the garage without visible external structures. The car lift is thus perfectly integrated with its surroundings. The car lift and undergraound garage lifts are flushing with the courtyard’s floor.

This is a classical example in which the use of mechanized systems as CARMEC products, with car lift instead of the ramp acces, it could create parking lots area inside of historical centres as well.