Underground garage lift below the living room


The customer needed to create a parking space in the only available area: a basement below the ground floor living room.

Our solution was to install an underground garage lift whose top canopy doubles as the living room floor (given that the ceiling was high enough to accommodate the lift stroke). Theunderground garage lift can be raised and lowered without shifting the living room furniture.

In addition, the position of the house was such that local architectural regulations prohibited changes to the perimeter walls, making it impossible to install an access door.

Consequently, the only option was to use the entire front wall of the living room (window included) as a motorized gate that retracts downwards once the underground garage lift raises at the level (see the section on retracting doors).

Underground garage lift operation is as follows: the customer inserts the key in the control panel and activates the underground garage lift’s upstroke. When the underground garage lift reaches ground floor level, the front wall is lowered and the car can be driven onto or off the lift platform. The wall is then raised and the lift moves down to basement level.

CARMEC produces bespoke and tailormade solutions in order to solve this kind of problems.