Car lift with on-board rotation with cabin and roof

In order to be able to offer more parking solutions and solve the most complex situations, CARMEC designs, produces and installs a new type of custom car lift: a car lift with on-board rotation.The car lift with on-board rotation therefore consists of the combination of two CARMEC products: the car lift and the rotating platform.

Two different typologies of this special lift:

1. Car lift with on-board rotation with cabin and roof.

2. Lift with rotating platform as elevating platform.

 Also possible in the dual version, i.e. a car lifting platform or a complete car lift with roof and cabin, this lift simultaneously fulfills a dual function. On the one hand, transport of cars from street level to the car garage; on the other, rotation for perfect positioning of the car and facilitation of the final parking manoeuvre.

In other cases, this type of lift was found to be fundamental in positioning the car exactly in front of the specific owner’s garage or simply for positioning it in front of the opening that due to design requirements was not in line.