MC-1P car lifts with cabin are the systems designed to move a car to a below-grade parking area, and are the ideal solution where limited space or architectural and zoning restrictions make it impossible to construct an access ramp to the parking garage.

The car lifts are provided with a protective enclosure, while the roof  can be infilled with the desired paving material to blend in perfectly with the system’s surroundings. In addition, enclosure structure and materials can be adapted to the architectural setting, and car lifts’ dimensions can be customized to the customer’s specific needs.

Where the below-grade garage is located at a depth of more than three meters, our car lifts are provided with a detachable roof to limit roof’s height when the platform is raised so that the car can be driven away. The roof is detached when the lift is lowered and then re-attached during the upstroke. Car lifts with detached roof can thus be raised to the minimum height needed to ensure that car and driver can exit comfortably. In this way, the system’s above-grade stroke is only 2.5 meters, as it is not necessary to raise the structure by its entire height, which would be unsightly.


  • Car lifts stroke established on the basis of available space
  • Car lifts Effective capacity 2,500 kg per car – Higher capacities available on request
  • Four-cylinder hydraulic system with rack-type balancing, located away from car door opening area
  • Mechanical safety locking at each level
  • Automated operation in full compliance with applicable regulations
  • Car lifts turnkey supply includes garage doors, which are also available in automatic versions