Everything you always wanted to know about Car Elevators and Multiparking Systems…

Let’s play a game together: we begin with four answers/questions. Contact us with your doubt, we will answer in private, sharing your suggestion below.

  • When do I use the underground garage lift?

I use the underground garage lift when I have to create one or more parking lots underground. Cars remain stored into the underground garage lift. This could happen both indoor and outdoor buildings.

  • Could I ask for “ with driver on-board version” with and underground garage lift?

Nope. The version “with driver” is only possible with Car Elevators products in our portfolio. Car Stackers and Underground Garage Lift follow the “dead man’s switch” normative.

  • How many cars are possible to store into an underground garage lift?

The incredible variety of products allow us several possibilities of parking lots’ creation. Klaus Multiparking, CARMEC and our worldwide colleagues are at your disposal for every further information. However, we suggest you to verify if is possible to dig (still, how much is possible).

  • Underground garage Lift or Car Lift with Roof and cabin?

Aesthetically talking, they are effectively very similar. We have to focus on the goal to reach.

  1. Car Lift with Roof and Cabin is a solution to transport cars and vehicles from the ground level to another underground or above level. Once the vehicle reaches the desired level, the user has to finished his personal parking operation in order to leave the lift to the other users. To give you an example,  now imagine as a normal lift for people..
  2. Underground Garage Lift is a system designed to create the client’s personal parking lots underground. The car are stored and parked into the lift.

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