Montacarichi su misura

Another typology of CARMEC products are the bespoke good lifts. This because in some situation standard situation cannot reached the client exigences.  In situation as following, normal standardized goods lifts had not been taken into consideration. They did not fit the bill in terms of the required shape/size/stroke, as opposed to the custom goods lift.

This lift for a private customer in the wine sector in Alessandria (Piedmont) is exclusive. Indeed, the specific customer need was studied, proposing a customized system.

The customer had to move the goods from the ground floor to the underground storage area as quickly as possible: an operation impossible to do with the normal access ramps to the floor. The custom goods lift allows the goods to be unload in an adjacent area and heavy vehicles to be cleared. Finally, the forklifts transport the goods to the custom lift and, in just a few seconds, everything is transported to the storage area below.

The reduced space, the underground location of the warehouse and the objective of speeding up loading/unloading operations, were fundamental ingredients for the construction of this unique custom goods lift.