Underground garage lifts are the perfect way to optimize the use of space: by going downwards. Thus, they involve excavating a pit which is equipped with a raising/lowering system and which hosts the vehicle when the system is at rest. The pit is entirely invisible from outside, as it is closed by a roof flush with the grade-level paving, thus ensuring that the system blends in perfectly with surrounding constructions. If needed, the system can feature two or more levels, so that multiple vehicles can be parked in the same footprint. Underground garage lifts can be installed inside buildings or outdoors. In the latter case, special measures are taken to handle rainwater runoff.

Depending on the different systems (MultiBase U10, U20, 30) underground garage lift makes it possible to park one, two, three or six cars independently in the garage, using the hidden platforms in the pit and the platform that serves as the roof of the pit. If garage height is sufficient, the car on the lower platform can be removed without moving the one parked on the roof platform.


  • One, two, three or six cars can be parked on different levels, and moved independently
  • Total number of available parking spaces can be doubled or tripled
  • Dimensions can be adapted to available space, and to non-rectangular areas
  • Stroke established on the basis of available space
  • Effective capacity 2,500 kg per car – Higher capacities available on request
  • Four-cylinder hydraulic lift system with rack-type balancing, located away from car door opening area
  • Mechanical safety locking at each level
  • Can be installed in enclosed areas or outdoors
  • Turnkey supply includes garage doors, which are also available in automatic versions